1st trip of the year.

It has been exactly 12 years since i last stepped into kuching
and i must admit the memories has faded from me upon what was ever there.

Maybe it’s because i wasn’t really looking that hard really ,
being able to enjoy life to it’s fullest is truly a dream only we can enjoy
if we let ourselves enjoy.

Anyways about kuching ,
China town was the only thing i actually looked forward to ,
knowing the food was just a walk away from everything else in that small little town.

and yet stumbling onto a little flyer that said Canoeing an Orang Utans caught my little eye.
Skepticle i was indeed , had no idea why though.

I think that’s how i was brainwashed in the mind by my parents teachings that lead me to believe
that ‘everything’ i do has to be well thought out and just to be safe.

I thank them dearly for that.
Kuching was indeed memorable in the sense knowing i could finish my nonsense and dahlia would be
waiting by.


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